Foundation pile and breaking rock of edge tools- large diameter down-hole cluster Hammer


Foundation pile and breaking rock of edge tools- large diameter down-hole cluster Hammer 


The application fields of large diameter DTH hammer include: urban high-rise buildings, high-speed rail and highway, bridge, subway continuous wall, hydropower station, nuclear power plant, photovoltaic power generation pile, wind power pile, other engineering projects that need to be filled with pile foundation, in addition, it is also widely used in deep hole drilling. Large aperture cluster hammer can be used in drilling mine ventilation shaft, emergency rescue hole and so on. It can also meet the special application needs of anti-pulling pile and cable-stayed pile on foundation.


For example 1 : the wide River Bridge Project in Belero, France:

Time:2011 year

Equipment: rotary drilling rig and 1.5m cluster DTH hammer combination.

Geological and rock conditions: about 10 m below the pebble layer is hardness super 100Mpa granite.

The diameter of(bridge) pier hole is 1.5 m. Hole depth: 15 m.

All uses the cluster DTH hammer to drill the hole, the average ruler 3-5m/h. 


For example 2: Construction of pile Foundation of Yokosuga High-rise Building, Japan:

Time:2013 year

The crane is equipped with a large diameter DTH hammer QL300s DTH hammer.

The hole diameter is 1 m, the depth of the hole is 40 m, and the entrance rock is 7-8m. Rock hardness: 150Mpa.

Using QL300s into the rock drilling drilling speed up to 5-6m/h. It takes 3 months to complete the drilling of 800 piles.