Drilling method for DTH hammer in soil layer

Drilling method for DTH hammer in soil layer

Drilling method of pneumatic down-the-hole hammer in soil layer: impact compaction drilling method. The mechanism is mainly to use the impact force generated by the pneumatic down-the-hole hammer hammer = hammer to insert the drill bit forward. At the same time, under the action of the rotating force, the drill bit is continuously rotated by a certain angle, and the cutting teeth on the compacted drill bit will be scraped into a thin layer by the compacted soil layer, reducing the frictional resistance of the tail end. In addition, when the pneumatic DTH hammer hammer high-frequency impact drill bit, it also gives the drill a certain vibration force, which is the liquefaction of the soil layer and destroys the original structure of the soil layer. Under the combined action of impact force, turning force and feeding force, the soil particles are rearranged and combined to form strong adhesion and adsorption force.


Drilling method for Dth hammerin in egg-gravel layer


DTH Hammer Drilling Method in egg-gravel Layer: It is characterized by driving the down-the-hole hammer with compressed air to make the water or mud circulating. The drilling efficiency is high and is not affected by the back pressure caused by water pressure. Deep hole large diameter drilling is available.


Drilling method of Dth hammer in hard rock formation and bedrock formation.


Pneumatic submersible hammer drilling method in hard rock formation and bedrock formation: in this type of drilling, the rock is broken into fine cuttings under the repeated strong impact of the hard alloy teeth on the surface of the embedded bit, and the cuttings are brought out of the hole by the air flow excluded by the wind impact DTH hammer.