China has set A New Record of the World's of drill deep well

China has set A New Record of the World's of drill deep well Recently, the China Institute of Coal Science Xi'an Research Institute (Xi'an Research Institute for short) applied the directional drilling technology and equipment developed by itself in Baode Coal Mine of Shendong Coal Gr... more

Main characteristics of DTH drilling rig

Main characteristics of DTH drilling rig:* DTH Drilling rigs drill by air dth hammer, which is characterized by submersible holes. * The DTH Hammer uses compressed air to do work, which makes the piston produce high frequency (1500 times / min) impingement. The high energy pis... more

The difference between mechanical method for rock drilling.

1.There are three kinds of mechanical methods of drilling rock: impact, rotation and rotating impact.2.Impact drilling: give a impact force to drill bit of the rock surface , under which the drill bit cuts into and breaks the rock.3.Rotating rock drilling:give a torsional force and a fixed axial ... more

Development of DTH hammer

DTH hammer is divided into a valved air distribution hammer and a valveless air distribution hammer according to the type of the gas distribution device. press The number of pistons is divided into a single piston hammer and a multi-piston hammer. The air pressure is divided into h... more
Mission: Superman service is always on the way

Mission: Superman service is always on the way

Bloomberg released a bombshell, Canadian mining giant barrick gold company has been through a wholly owned subsidiary acquired one thousand shares of newmont mining companies in the United States, Australia, bankers said barrick planned $19 billion acquisition of newmont this could be one of the ... more