Mission: Superman service is always on the way

Mission: Superman service is always on the way

Time: On January 4,2019, in the early morning of the winter day, Superman technical team quickly started to move towards the destination of the heat source well in Jiaozhou.


As the general guidance of the technical team, Engineer Dong , who has rich technical experience, has come to this destination for the third time, maintaining close communication and contact with customers at all times. It is Superman's service attitude, technical guidance and construction assistance according to the needs of customers, and doing a good job for product performance research.


There are difficulties in construction ,before the very depth of geothermal source well and Qingdao is at the convergence of multiple formation fault zones, which determines that this construction needs more powerful tools and richer experience to complete the engineering task.


Superman provides a complete set of product schemes and technical guidance services for the geothermal source well, and in the drilling work, the performance and quality of the products often directly determine the stability and continuity of the construction.


After fully investigating and examining the contents of this construction,Engineer Dong gave a complete set of gas drilling supporting scheme, and Manager Wang, as a long-year oil drilling experience, gave such a conclusion at the end of this drilling ,he said : "Using the drilling equipment of Superman and with the drilling team like us, it is impossible to turn it into a possibility, break through the high cost of old technology, and push the gas drilling technology to a new field in the long construction cycle, and give praise for Superman's products and services.