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DTH Cluster Hammer

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Cluster DTH Hammer:

General Speed:
1.It is with standard square head connection
2.The small hammers and bits of the cluster type submerged hammer are exchangeable.
3.The small hammers are with small volume,easy to disassemble and maintain.

High Efficiency and Safe:
1.The small hammers with higher impacting frequency,easy to break the rock.
2.It deducts repeated rock breaking with Slag cylinder.
3.The small hammers refrain vibration between each other,which have reduced the abrasion to drilling rig and drilling pipe.

Low Cost:
1.The small hammers and bits could transpose to equalize abrasion and increase service life.
2.The small bits air cheaper compared with single bit with same diameter.

Good Boring Quality:
1.The holes are vertical with special air distribution design.
2.The slag cylinder removes completely without extra rocks.

3.It could bore underwater.

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