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DTH Drill Hammer of SPM 8” for mining drilling SG80

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TDD group have been working for the drilling potential, focusing on the drilling industry for 16 years. Supuman provides high-pressure hammer and supporting drill bit for mines to improve the productivity of the drilling and diving industry, ensure the safety and stability of drilling and diving projects, and provide professional, efficient and reliable drilling and ditch solutions.

SG type high-pressure DTH hammer is very popular in the mining industry. It is widely used in geotechnical engineering to drill a variety of medium-hard, high-hard and tough rock with poor drillability. It is widely used in mines, quarries, road construction, etc. Engineering drilling blastholes, landslide protection, dam site reinforcement, anchoring and other engineering holes. In the actual production of the above-mentioned fields, there will be various tough rocks with poor hardness and high hardness in geotechnical engineering. Customers have been very satisfied with the excellent performance of Suppmann impactors in these tough rock drilling.

TDD 8” DTH Drill Hammer SG80 drill holes from 203mm to 254mm.

Matched drilling bits:SG80-203,SG80-216,GS80-254

TDD SG high-pressure DTH hammer: High impact power, high frequency and fast drilling 


We offer TDD high air pressure DTH hammer size from 3" to 8"(Φ80mm-Φ254mm), TDD DTH hammers perform good in mining drilling of diameter from 80mm to 254mm.

Different designing makes TDD DTH drill hammers are suitable for various mining drilling conditions.

We are specialized in manufacturing various DTH drilling hammers、matched drilling bits、drilling rigs and drilling pipes for water wells、mines and oil industries,SPM has been promoting productivity in drilling industry, SPM ensure the safety and stability of drilling engineering, and provide professional, efficient and reliable whole drilling solutions.

TDD and his dedicated teams are committing themselves to provide international clients with various quality products and profe...

  1. High impact power.

  2. High frequency

  3. Drilling speed is fast

Hammer Name

DTH drill hammer SG80



Item Number


Drilling Diameter(mm)


Hammer Length(mm)


External Diameter(mm)


Hammer Weight(kg)


Working Pressure(Mpa)


Air Consumption(m3/min)


Top sub (Connection to drill string)

API Reg4 1/2Pin

Bit Shank


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