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TDD,born for drilling.Overburden Casing Drilling System is popular in water wells drilling,geothermal sources drilling,oil and gas drilling,etc

Overburden Casing Drilling System

Overburden Casing Drilling System is popular in water wells drilling,geothermal sources drilling,oil and gas drilling.


Rock Mining And Mineral Mining Drilling

TDD has been promoting productivity in mineral mining drilling industry, TDD ensure the safety and stability of drilling engineering,


Solar Power Drilling

TDD provide professional,efficient and reliable solar power drilling solutions.


Geophysical Prospecting Drilling

As one of the most respected brands in the field of geophysical physical drilling, TDD is one of the world's large-scale professional manufacturers of geophysical physical exploration.


Reverse Circulation Exploration

TDD has been focusing on technical researching and innovation, TDD provide professional, efficient and reliable Reverse Circulation drilling solutions.


Foundation Piles Drilling

TDD integrates a series of efficient and energy saving foundation piles drilling tools. Drilling efficiency has been improved during


About TDD

TDD,born for drilling. TDD have been focusing on DTH drilling more than 20 years.

We are specialized in manufacturing various DTH drilling hammers、matched drilling bits、drilling rigs and drilling pipes for water wells、mines and oil industries,SPM has been promoting productivity in drilling industry, SPM ensure the safety and stability of drilling engineering, and provide professional, efficient and reliable whole drilling solutions. 

TDD and his dedicated teams are committing themselves to provide international clients with various quality products and profe...


TDD has been promoting productivity in mineral mining drilling industry, TDD ensure the safety and stability of drilling engineering,

Quality Control

Quality is the lifeline of one company.

In order to bring clients more high efficiency and competitive, TDD products and Superman drill tools have strict Quality Control Procedure on the production line, the QC will be applied strictly from the raw materials ,drawing,forging,testing,package to transport etc.

TDD have professional testing team,Professional inspectors perform systematic testing Professional inspectors from TDD carry on a systematic inspection before the goods are dispatched, our normative inspection procedure normally includes the following sections:

  • Checking goods according to the customers' technical requirement and commercial contract, controlling the quality and/or consistency of goods
  • Examining the main points, such as surface treatment, material strength, logo and color consistency etc.
  • Verifying compliance with the standards of the destination country (e.g. ASME or CE or Q/SPM2010-001 & «China Steel Structure Association Brazing Steel Brazing Branch Branch Handling Principles for DTH Drill Bit Quality Problems»

Customer Comments & Testimonials

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Customized Product

We are willing to meet the actual customized needs of our customers.

In order to meet the market's real demand and provide the suitable products, TDD offers Customization and OEM/ODM Service to worldwide partners for drilling products.

  • TDD can provide more suitable products of Water wells, mines, oil, geothermal sources, physical exploration, foundation piles and photovoltaics.
  • TDD and Supuman will provide customized product services to all customers of Drilling industry around the world.
  • TDD believe in “helping customers, build our own prodcut advantage”.
  • TDD have a good team that have water wells and mine drilling design and engineering experts.
  • Welcome to call or email to TDD,if you can provide detailed product specifications and requirements,it is best.thanks for your cooperation!
  • TDD can provide customized product of Supuman DTH drill bit ,Water well DTH drill hammer ,Mining DTH drill hammer ,Photovoltaic DTH hammer,Through reverse circulation DTH hammers,Physical exploration DTH hammer ,Efficient high pressure DTH hammer, Cluster hammer, water well drilling rig ,Mining drilling rig Concentric Casing Reaming bits,Button DTH bits,DTH drilling rig, Rotate mining drilling rig ,Rock drilling rig,Geological exploration drilling rig,Positive and negative cycle drilling rig,perfusion piling drilling rig.rock drill accessories, foundation pile drilling tools, oil exploration drilling tools, eccentric heel,Guide, auger drill pipe , three-wing drill bits Drilling equipment etc..



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